Born and raised in New York City, Alexandra became interested in fashion at a very young age. By the time she was 13 years old, she was making her seasonal wardrobe selections at Bergdorf Goodman and Charivari on Saturdays and rummaging through dusty aisle’s at Unique and Antique Boutique on Sunday afternoons. Social life at that time consisted of meeting at Mortimer’s uptown, followed by Studio 54, Palladium and Area, downtown. Though Alexandra was born and raised on the upper east side, her life was a wonderful juxtoposition of uptown and downtown, which ultimately formed her high-lo fashion sensibility.

Through Alexandra’s shopping excursions during those early years, she noticed a void in the dress market during that period of the mid 80’s. At around 15 years old, fashion was either too mature looking or too avante garde, lacking a perfect balance for her. She began sketching, buying fabric and having dresses made for herself. She hired a good seamstress, who was very patient with her lack of real technical training. Alexandra also perfected her skills for altering and reshaping vintage dresses from both her mothers’ wardrobe and antique shops. One memorable yet major catastrophe was when she ‘borrowed’ a beautiful Oscar de la Renta skirt from her mothers closet that she didn’t realize was part of a suit her mother often wore. Alexandra altered the skirt to a micro-mini bubble. Of course all her girlfriends loved that brilliant little mini, but her mother was of course outraged! This real desire to create something completely unique that no one else had, became her obsession, and to this day, still is.

Alexandra has a BA in Arts and Humanities - Art History from George Washington University/ Mount Vernon College and an Associates degree in Fashion Design at Parsons. While at Parsons night classes, she was a rover assistant at Conde Nast Publications. This is where she learned about the world of magazines and all the incredible talent within each one. Alexandra learned a lot in the short time she assisted the editors at Vogue, Allure, Mademoiselle, Vanity Fair and HG among others. However, her focus was to eventually design dresses -specifically high quality, youthful and sophisticated styles that were not available at retail.

Alexandra met the legendary Donald Brooks (now deceased) through a family friend. Donald reviewed her portfolio and alerted her father that he should put her in business. During the early years of her business upstart around 1995, he became her mentor. He taught her specifically how to design for the older woman -the women who could more consistently afford the clothes, and not just the young bodies for whom she was more interested in designing. At first, Alexandra was reluctant at being pulled in another direction, but she realized that this knowledge would be invaluable since she never formally worked for any other designer before starting her own business. Alexandra learned a great deal from Donald, and they had loads of fun together!
The Alexandra Lind dress collection sold to many stores nationwide between 1995 - 2002 including Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom’s, Jacobsons, Graces, Stanley Korshak, Henri Bendel, Searle, among many others. During this period, Alexandra was also developing a core group of loyal private clients of all ages, which would save her, when after September 11th, 2001, many luxury labels were dropped from the retail world in fear of a Depression -and hers was no exception. Alexandra shuttered her doors in 2004.

Around 2005, Alexandra started working for Alvin Valley as Style Director. Alvin Valley is known for beautiful fitting trousers and he has had a very successful contemporary business. After so many years in the high-end dress market, Alexandra was eager to learn more about the contemporary world of clothing. She learned a great deal about sizing and fit, sourcing lesser expensive yet beautiful fabrics, and communicating with Asia for production when she designed the blouse and knitwear category.

When Alexandra left Alvin Valley around 2007, Alfred Fiandaca (now deceased deceased) asked her to come on board and re launch her original namesake collection, Alexandra Lind, as a younger addition collection for the house of Fiandaca. She designed 6 collections until she decided to move on in 2011.

Since 2011 Alexandra has been a freelance design consultant for various private companies as well as consulting for private clients’ wardrobes.

What sets Alexandra’s creative vision apart is the way she styles her outfits by combining current designer pieces and vintage clothes with her own designs. Because she grew up embracing all fashion, she has a sincere love for all designers’ creative vision as much as she enjoys her own designs. She much prefers combining looks together rather than wearing just her own designs - whether its a blouse of her own design paired with another designers’ skirt, or a vintage tunic with another designers’ trousers. This constant experimenting with different looks always leads her to something she needs but can’t find.

Alexandra’s creative ideas are usually formed through something that isn’t already out there in the fashion market -something she can’t find. Today, she is constantly upgrading and altering pieces in her wardrobe to look more modern to go with current designer pieces. “If I can’t find something I am looking for in my mind, I make it.”

Alexandra is currently hired to advise with a design team on trends, proportion, fit and style of individual pieces and plan out groups that are best suited for the coming seasons. She translates innovative ideas based on a specific designers’ point of view that are both wearable, modern and true to their innate sense of style.

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